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Geo Location now on Heatmiser Neo



Geo Location is an exciting new feature that makes it even easier to reduce your energy costs. Neo will lower the temperature in your home when it detects the last person has left and will turn the heating back on when it will detects someone is on their way home.

Using the Location Services feature on your iPhone or Android SmartPhone, Neo can now help you reduce your energy consumption by turning the heating off when you’re out.

Supporting Multi Users, Neo can automatically reduce the temperature in your home when the last person leaves and increase the temperature when the first person returns.

Neo has always been about Multi Zone and our Geo Location Feature is no different by allowing you to select which zones you want to control when you leave or return.

Geo Location is perfect for busy households when a fixed heating schedule just isn’t practical.

How does Geo Location work?

Geo Location uses the mobile phone masts, nearby WiFi and your GPS to calculate your position. When you setup Geo Location on Neo, you set a leaving and returning trigger. When you pass these triggers, Neo will adjust the temperature in your home automatically.

Reduce your Energy Cost and Return to a Cozy Home

You can decide the temperature that Neo will control to when you leave home and again when you return. The temperature you ask for will depend on the type of heating system you have and the time your home takes to warm up.

Notifications on your SmartPhone

You will see a notification on your phone when Neo has adjusted the temperature in your home – so you always know when Neo is saving you energy.

You’re in Control?

You can set the distance for both leaving and returning home, so don’t worry if you travel on foot, by car or high speed train – we have you covered.

Flexible Programming – That’s the Neo Way

Other systems try and second guess what temperature you would like in your home. With Neo, you can program comfort levels to provide background heat and use the Geo Location feature to increase the temperature when you are returning home or to turn the heating off when you’re going out.

Neo supports Multi Users

Each User will have their own login details for Neo. This means Geo Location will only turn the heating off when the house is empty.

Each user can have their own preferred temperature settings – giving you a more personal Neo experience.

A new feature of the neoApp is the ability to have multiple users, providing an easy way of giving friends and family access to your heating system.

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